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Gratitude for Brightly

There is always something for which we can be grateful. Even when we are in deep and terrible mourning. Even when we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

For some, Covid is providing a time for creativity to flower beautifully and freely. One such person is Connie Lasorso, who wrote her first book, The Fairy Beck: A True Love Story.

I am honored to be in her book through the character Brightly. I cried when I read this fairy’s description:

“The fairies were sampling the newest batch of Brightly’s summer rose elixir. Brightly was an expert gardener of roses and she was a fine maker of elixirs. She had rose colored wings and wore a thorn as a necklace. The thorn stood as a symbol for loss. Annabelle wondered about the thorn but did not ask about it. Some thorns are private. Annabelle dimly recalled the two thorns she had noticed on Kricky’s table.

“The essence from the rose flower had a very high vibrational level which caused every fairy who drank it to lift into the air as if they had troubles maintaining gravity.”

The rose thorn is such a great symbol for the loss of a child because it represents the pain of grieving a deep love.

Connie did not know that a year after my son Brennan overdosed on heroin for his third and final time, I had picked up a bag of rose petals for tea-making. I love the aroma and savor the flavor. I save this delicate drink for special occasions when I feel like I need a little lift.

Like the fairies who lift into the air when they drink Brightly’s rose elixir.

Perfect, Connie. Thank you for this great honor.


The Fairy Beck: A True Love Story by Connie Lasorso, pages 102-103, available at https://the-beck-bookstore.myshopify.com/